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Day 59 - Project Day 4.

json.array! @jobs do |job|
    json.advert_title job.advert_title
    json.address job.address
    json.category job.category
    json.latitude job.latitude
    json.longitude job.longitude
    json.detail job.detail
    json.wage job.wage
    json.hours (job.full_time? ? "Full time" : "Part time")

Hectic day today, started with the usual Standup Meeting with Jordan. Here's all the team, glorious screenshot.


Then we went on with the development of our creature, WorkMap. The deadline to deliver a shippable product, as per Agile specifications, is this Sunday. Then we'll begin the second and last Sprint.

This means a rush of four days, in which we have to tackle 3 main aims:

Today I have been working with Robin, trying to tackle the jobs filtering on the map. It turned out that all the code that I wrote to make checkboxes filter results was pretty useless, since now we settled for a filtering form, allow us to render the results of the search in JSON format. This way we can pass all the information related to jobs from the Rails back end to the Javascript front end, and viceversa.

Anyway, two full days of work to Sunday. Better get some rest, yo.

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