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New Job.

After three months I am a bit scared to reopen the blog. Like you'd be scared of eating something that has been left in a fridge for the same amount of time.

Yes, in this tech thing three months without any update make something old and stale. And maybe that's why I love it.

But anyway...

I found a job, in an amazing company that seemed to believe I wasn't cheating when I said I actually started to write computer code less than 6 months ago.


So I think it is time to blow some dust off the blog, and use it to write less personal and more technical posts, that I'm sure at the beginning will be very rudimentary, but hopefully at some point progress and start being interesting for the reader. A key concept that is oldie but goldie: teaching and writing about topics is the way to learn and master them. Or at least make it seem you do ;)

And when that time will come, I'll aim higher and try to be more opinionated, updated about technologies and understand the why, not only the how.


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