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Day 51.

count = 7
7.times do 
  count -= 1
  puts count
puts "Final project!"

All right, week number ten.

This means that there are other three weeks left to go, and a week left to the final projects.

Meanwhile the Pizzagram application is beginning to resemble a real world one, plus today we covered a big meaty topic: using Stripe to sell printed pictures and get revenue from the application.


The integration with Rails is seamless, since Stripe provides a detailed and well written tutorial. All you have to do is set up a model and controller for the charges, add the private key for your account to the secrets file, and start getting that cream.

This week my blogging is going to be on-and-off, since I want to be ready for the project, for which I want to be blogging everyday.

$$ bill, yo.

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