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Day 56 - Project Day 1.

Project WorkMap - day one.

Have to say it was a pretty good day, even better than I expected. It felt really nice to create the GitHub repo named WorkMap, and starting working on it.

We had a really brief standup meeting with Jordan via chat, then proceeded to pair (I worked with Robin, James W with Sasha, and James K acted as a plus one in their team). The day was fairly productive, and by the end of the afternoon we had tackled a good half of the Product Backlogs we wanted to work on. Everyone looked happy with the work done, and I am really glad of being part of the team.

Right now an employer can sign up, sign in, insert a new job, and see it on a nice Google Map. Not bad for now, huh?

Then in the evening I went with Valentina, Will, Kate and Margherita to a Burger competition called BurgerMonday. It was one of the two semifinals, and the food was amazing. The two contenders were Hawksmoor and Disco Bistro, both well renowned London resturants.


Tough decision for me, but I had to vote for Hawksmoor, since the girl at the counter gave me a huge double burger to bias me. Mission accomplished!

On to day two.

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