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Weekend - Kick Off!

Sunday, team meeting and time for a Scrum Kick-off.

This Scrum development framework, which we chose to use to build the final project, relies on three key roles:

We had two meetings: a Backlog Grooming Session, in which we analyzed the user stories we had in mind for the WorkMap product, and translated them into a Product Backlog, which is the list of the stories to be developed, ordered by priority. It is very important to keep the product simple and try to be delivering a working copy at the end of the first spring (first week, in our case).

Then, having decided which stories are most important for this first cycle of production (that we arleady know is called Spring), we had a Spring Planning Meeting, in which we tried to estimate how long it could take to develop and deliver each user story. To do that we used casino fiches. If we thought that the time needed to develop that feature was short we had to put a white fiche on the table, if medium a green one, if large a red one, if unbearably large a black one.


Now we have a good plan for next week. User stories that are to be analyzed, understood and put into code.

Exciting. I can't wait until it is Monday, and that should tell you how good it feels to be building something of our own.

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