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Day 47.

class HyperHipsterInstagramUser < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_attached_file :cool_beard_image
  validates_attachment_content_type :cool_beard_image, :content_type => /\Aimage\/.*\Z/

Back to England, having skipped the Monday lecture. I had my x-ray scan, and apparently I am healing. Had a physiotherapy session, as well, and it turned out to be quite painful. But I'm determined to be back at full service, so I'll try and make the best out of it.

I found the Makers colleagues at work, building a web version of the popular social media Instagram (which is the one I like and use the most). This seems a good start of the week, given that I already had a glipse of it a couple of weeks ago.

The new feature we are learning to build, like my pseudo-code shows, is adding images to a new post, using a Ruby gem called paperclip. A great walkthrough on how to go ahead with the whole process has been written by my classmate Johann. Find it here.

I like working using walkthroughs, which are basically text files which describe the procedure to solve a common problem in an analytical way. They keep you focused, they do not help you too much, leaving a little bit of the concept to be figured out by the reader, and they can be modified and improved.

On a lighter note, here's me with the cake that I got for my birthday in Italy. Pretty self-explanatory, huh?


Out like a nerd.

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