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Day 43.

Thursday has always been one of my least favorite days of the week. I can't really say why. Bad memories are often always associated with Thursdays, in my life.

Week has been quite tough, and at this time of the day I feel more inclined not to blog about coding today. Tired does not describe what I am. This is a shame, since we are doing great things at Makers. But I'll talk about that another day.

Tonight I found a beautiful Thursday-related poem, by Edna St. Vincent Millay, which is the one I put in my pseudo-code trademark style.

puts 'And if I loved you Wednesday,'
puts 'Well, what is that to you?'
puts 'I do not love you Thursday'
puts 'So much is true.'

puts 'And why you come complaining'
puts 'Is more than I can see.'
puts 'I loved you Wednesday, yes, but what'
puts 'Is that to me?'


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