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Day 40.

rails new --help
rails new first_application -T -d postgresql
cd first_application
subl .
bin/rails generate rspec:install

Monday is never the best day of the week. Unless you work in a barber shop, which unfortunately is not true for me.

And if you spent the whole weekend moving your room from a flat to another with a broken arm, Monday is possibly the worst day ever.

But not at Makers. Because today pieces are being put together. We are starting to learn Rails.

I know that for those who know nothing about coding this is not much, but imagine that, if we were painters, today it would have been the first day we had a full color palette and a big empty canvas. This framework will allow us to build full-stack web applications and put our ideas to realization.

Alex introduced us to the topic, and this week we will build a Yelp-like website, with resturants listings, reviews and details, all with Rails. Here he is, doing his thing.


Then Sam took over the afternoon, guiding us through the various steps of the environment setup and app building. I would lie if I told you that I understood everything, but tonight I'm going over the screencasts again and see what comes out. Staying positive, like I always tried to do in my London days, and as my man Mike Skinner taught me to do.

Night lads.

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