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Day 38.

<h1>Cool Instagram App</h1>
<form id='search' method="post">
    <input type='text' id='tag' placeholder='Enter a tag'>
    <button type='submit' id='button'>Search for a tag:</button>
<div id="target"></div>

Well, seems that the JavaScript and jQuery galore has reached high peaks here at Makers. We used the GitHub API so much that they blocked us and left us without our test platform, since if they receive to many requests at once they are forced to block the IP address that sent them (us, in this case).

At least no one can say that we are not hard workers at Makers, right?

This led me and Julia to pair program together, with the aim to build an app that uses Instagram APIs instead of the blocked GitHub ones. We thought that it could have been fun to fiddle with APIs a little bit, both of us being Instagram enthusiasts. And we were right!


After some time we managed to reach some nice and pleasant results, like a little application that allows you to find and show photos by searching a tag. Here's a little screenshot. Overall a productive and fun day.

On to Friday, then!

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