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Day 37.

    $('#add_profile').on('submit', function(event){
        var username = $('#username').val();
        $.get('' + username, function(user){
        var newProfile = Mustache.render($('#profile-template').html(), user);

Javascript and jQuery madness going on at Makers. Today I actually posted here a chunk of code I have written, instead of the usual mocking one, since I am quite proud of it.

Alex showed us how to develop a dynamic content page which retrieves data from GitHub and shows it as a result of a search. This means that now our static HTML is powered by the combination of Javascript and jQuery (which is basically a library that has access to the HTML document and extends Javascript, allowing to retrieve, process and add content from and to the page itself).

In this case we have learned how to take an user's input (a GitHub username) and via API obtain data about that user (username, avater, followers, repos) and put that into the page in a nice and animated way.

Of course this new language is hard to grasp. Of course programming in Ruby was like talking in Italian while JS looks a bit like English, in a way. But this is a time of challenges, so how bad can be another one? Plus this thing of being able to handle data from big applications and sites is fascinating.

On another side of my life - flatmates are moving back to Paris, and this means I have to look for a new flat this week. I'll miss them!



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