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Day 36.

function Football(player1, player2) {
    var player1 = 'Italia';
    var player2 = 'Uruguay';

Football.prototype.loser = function() {
return 'Italia'

Beginning of the week and beginning of this second half of the Makers adventure.

Alex took over the lectures, and begun to teach us Javascript right away. It is another language, totally different from Ruby (it is a client-side language and the syntax differs to some extent). But in the end I liked switching from a language to another. It adds spice to the already tasty coding dish.

We are building a Rock-Paper-Scissors application, and it seems real fun to fiddle around with Javascript. Nice effects can be added to the static pages, and even if setting them up is not always straightforward, I am having a good time. Maybe it is also because my shoulder is getting relatively better, not that I can type, but at least I carry on through the day without painkillers, and I manage to remove the bandage every evening for at least a couple hours.

All going to be fine!

Except Italy, we are out the World Cup and we played like shit. Well deserved, Uruguay. Except for you, Suarez, you biting cheat.


But anyway, what can I say. I love football, and love is a losing game.

At least for me, it has always been like that, and maybe always will be.


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