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Day 33.

cohort = Cohort.first(:month => 'may')
cohort.update(:status => 'SENIORS')

Graduation day, today.

This means two things: our seniors are now officially Makers with all due honours, and that we, the mighty May clan, are Seniors.

I just can't believe that half the experience is already gone. Man, this journey is so short!

The projects presented by the guys at the ceremony were impressive: a beautifully interfaced task organizer, a clever online buy/sell platform, and a funny application to handle money collecting from friends when organizing a social event. Well done, March cohort.

What can I say about this first half, as seen from my eyes?

On a lighter note, watched the Italia game with Costa Rica while the graduation party was going. Worst idea ever. What a shitty team today.


May cohort, let's take over.

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